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Business Plan


Omnibridge Holdings Limited

Human resources outsourcing services

For human resources outsourcing services, we recruit, employ and remunerate outsourced staff who are seconded to work for our clients at the clients’ premises. We source and employ suitable candidates that match the job descriptions specified by our clients through a number of sources, such as searching on the database maintained by us or database on the recruitment websites, advertising on recruitment websites and social media networks, holding a recruitment day at our offices, or attending and participating career fairs or through referral. Our human resources outsourcing services help our clients match their staffing levels to business demand in a timely and cost effective manner, and allow our clients to free up management time and resources to focus on their core business activities.

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Business Overview

We are a Singapore-based human resources service provider and have been in the human resources market in Singapore for around 11 years, which principally offering human resources outsourcing services and human resources recruitment services.

We also started providing human resources services in Hong Kong in 2009 , with a primary recruitment services

Human resources recruitment services

In addition to human resources outsourcing services, we also provide human resources recruitment services to employers seeking appropriate candidates generally for positions at all levels, including administrative, executive, managerial and professional, to fulfill their needs. We generally identify and source potential candidates from the database of candidates maintained by us. We may also post advertisements on recruitment websites and social media to recruit potential candidates

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